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Scotmann is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with a differentiated portfolio focused on branded medicines in biotech, cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, respiratory and inflammatory diseases, pain management, osteoporosis, psychiatry and nutritional supplementation etc. An extensive range of OTC products completes its portfolio.

Our R&D is structured around partnerships with European Contract Research Organizations (CROs). These partnerships help us adhere to excellent manufacturing practices, ensuring that our products meet highest International standards for safety and potency.

The company employs highly qualified personnel and its products are available throughout Pakistan. Scotmann plans to further strengthen its position in key neighbouring markets. Headquartered in Islamabad - Pakistan, Scotmann has the distinction of being Pakistan’s first and foremost Biotechnology Company.

Smart Facility

Smart Facility

Scotmann’s smart manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) covering HVAC, Automatic fire control and suppression system and cutting edge access control system.

It is equipped with a network of Real time air sampling and monitoring System, that simultaneously performs 3 most crucial tasks, i.e. Particle Counting, Bacterial Counting and Differential Pressure Monitoring. HEPA and ULPA filters have been extensively installed to ensure the cleanest possible internal and external environment.



Our manufacturing operations provide a competitive advantage through an innovative global sourcing. This network delivers us high quality raw materials and services with the right balance of quality and reliability.

Our state of the art manufacturing plant meets the highest International quality standards. It also includes a significant volume of contract manufacturing of Interferon Alpha 2-b (both standard and long acting versions) for one of our esteemed clients in Pakistan.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System (QMS)

Scotmann has focused extensively on TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM). Our investment on this extremely important discipline surpasses industry standards and covers all vital areas i.e. technology, environment protection, intellectual development, resource mobilization and time management.

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Center of excellence

Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology

Manufacturing biotech medicines is a highly specialized activity. Scotmann is first in Pakistan to create a World class centre of excellence that meets even the most stringent quality standards set by any international regulatory body. Our highly advanced biotech formulation, manufacturing, testing and process development capabilities will help synergize Pakistan’s potential to the highest pedestal.

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